Finnish self-study courses online

YKI read and listen 1

For levels A2.1 – B2.1
Course content: 10 listening exercises, 8 reading exercises and vocabulary activities
Topics: nature, free time, running errands and relationships
Dates and times: whenever it suits you best
Completion time: 6 weeks
Access to course materials: 3 months
Price: 36 euros

Finnish group courses online

Puhutaan 3

For levels A1.3 – A2.2
Hours: 8 (60 min)
Online-course 4 times * 2 hours (60 min) on Wednesdays at 16.00-18.00
Dates: 22.05.2024-12.06.2024
Topics: clothing; vacation; running errands; internet and media
Price: 50 euros

Puhutaan 2

For levels A1.3 – A2.2
Hours: 8 (60 min)
Online-course 4 times * 2 hours (60 min) on Fridays at 16.00-18.00
Dates: 26.04.2024-17.05.2024
Topics: friends and family; food; home; routines and free time
Price: 50 euros

Private and small group teaching

I also offer private and small group teaching at a price 80€/45 minutes incl. VAT 24 %. The first lesson (45 min) is free of charge. If you are interested, send me a message to or fill this form.

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About our teacher


Originally I’m from Russia and I moved to Finland in 2013. I am a qualified teacher of Finnish. I completed teacher education studies in 2018 and graduated from the university of Helsinki in 2019 majoring in Finnish language and culture.

I have a 5 year experience in teaching Finnish, I have taught long-term integrational courses as well as evening courses of different duration. Communication with the students is what I appreciate the most in teaching. I pay attention to students’ wishes and goals regarding a particular course. I also consider creating trusting and comfortable atmosphere on the course very important.

My teaching is based on a functional approach to language teaching and supports developing of students’ communicative skills. I use as much authentic materials as possible and focus on teaching everyday Finnish. I enjoy making course material myself and I use different types of tasks in my lessons. One of the most important goals for me is to support students’ independent use of language.

Students' feedback

The daily homework, class dialogue and vocabulary practice are all great. Especially the scene-style dialogue close to life helps me.

I felt you did an amazing job preparing the course. I enjoyed the homework given day by day in a way it doesn't feel so hard and at the same time very motivating.  Also you are very welcoming to students' questions and always give positive feedback and show support. Also supporting our break group conversation.  Thank you so much for everything.

I liked a lot the way how the lessons were organised and structured.

I was looking for such course for a long time. I like that the teaching is set in order (there is no mess), everybody knows what to do, teacher keeps explaining till everybody understands, I appreciate working in pairs during which we start speaking basic Finnish. I also like random knowledge checks from previous lessons which motivates me to have continuous repetition. And last but not least, the atmosphere is very nice and I met fantastic people. I would like to continue learning, especially that I can see big progress after one month. 

The structure and delivery were very effective, the pair work and daily tasks for homework were very helpful also.

I think preparation of the course was perfect, In advance vocabularies, post-class exercises, and the content was carefully designed. I appreciate your effort on this and I am sure this setting would be a successful setting for language learners and we just need to follow your instructions. Please keep this up, we immigrants need experienced teachers, particularly if the teacher her/himself has been an immigrant and thoroughly lived the Finnish language learning experience.

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