YKI lue 1


YKI lue 1
For levels A2.1 – B2.1
Course content: 12 texts, 20 text exercises and 24 vocabulary activities
Topics: nature, free time, running errands and relationships
Dates and times: whenever it suits you best
Completion time: 6 weeks
Access to course materials: 6 months
Price: 50 euros
YKI lue is a self-study course for students who want to prepare for YKI test's reading section. The course is a practical course, it consists of 12 texts, 20 text exercises and 24 vocabulary activities. The course is divided into 4 topic sections: nature, free time, running errands and relationships. The texts chosen for the course are authentic Finnish texts adapted by a teacher. The aim of the course is to get a student to know and practice YKI test's tasks as well as to enrich student's vocabulary. You will have 6 weeks to complete the course. If you complete at least half of the course, you will receive a participant's certificate. You will have access to the course materials for 6 months.
Registration: Register for the course
You will access the course after paying the invoice. This is an online course, the texts and materials of the course are on Moodle.The course doesn't include contact or real time video teaching. For the course you will need an email address, internet connection and a smartphone or computer.