Luetaan ja puhutaan

Course: Luetaan ja puhutaan
For levels A1.3 – A2.2
Hours: 12 hours (45 min)
Lessons: Online-course 4 times * 3 hours;
wed 1.12 at 18.00-20.20,
wed 8.12 at 18.00-20.20,
wed 15.12.6 at 18.00-20.20,
wed 22.12 at 18.00-20.20.
Price: 70 euros
Description: During Puhutaan suomea -course we will read texts and practice Finnish in everyday situations. During the lesson you will read 2-3 texts, do speaking exercises and practice new words. You will receive the texts as well as vocabulary list 2 days before the class, so you can study them beforehand. During the lesson you will read the texts in pairs, discuss the texts as well as do other conversation exercises. There will be a lot of pairwork during the lesson. After the course you will read and speak more fluently. The topics of the course are nature, free time, social interactions and relationships.
This is an online course. The teaching will be in Finnish with some translation to English (vocabulary). The course is suitable for you, if your Finnish level is at least A1.3. For the course you will need an email address, internet connection and a smartphone or computer.
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