Course: Beginner-1
Beginner course for levels A0 – A1.2
Dates: 11.01.2022 - 3.02.2022
Hours: 24 hours (45 min)
Price: 140 euros
Online-course 8 times * 3 hours (45 min), on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18.00-20.20
11.01 at 18.00-20.20;
13.01 at 18.00-20.20;
18.01 at 18.00-20.20;
20.01 at 18.00-20.20;
25.01 at 18.00-20.20;
27.01 at 18.00-20.20;
1.02 at 18.00-20.20;
3.02 at 18.00-20.20.
Textbook: Suomen mestari-1 (new edition), chapters (approximately) 1-3.
Beginner-1 is a beginner course. In this course you will get acquainted with the Finnish language and learn everyday words and frases. The topics of the course are talking about yourself, the weather and seasons. You will learn basic grammar like pronouns and verbs and practice making simple questions and sentences. The teaching will be in Finnish and English will be used as an auxiliary language. For this course you will need a coursebook Suomen mestari-1 (new edition). You will need to purchase or borrow the book yourself.
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The course will not be organised, if there are not enough participants.
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